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We share your excitement in the hunt!

Eastern Montana, known for exciting big game hunting opportunities. Each day filled with excitement as you spot deer and antelope moving about the prairie and badland areas that encompass much of Eastern Montana. Sharp tail grouse and pheasant flushing at your feet as you experience true spot and stalk hunting tactics.

Eastern Montana Outfitters has spent extensive time scouting the areas that we hunt in Eastern Montana. Our main objective of each hunt is to be sure our clients enjoy themselves, part of which is to see game and have an opportunity to stalk that game. Your hunt with Eastern Montana Outfitters will be a memorable adventure; you will truly appreciate your trophy and have stories to share with friends and family when you return home.

Eastern Montana Hunting

Eastern Montana Hunting


Eastern Montana Outfitters have all your firearm needs in check. Don't have your own guns, would like to try something new, lost confidence in your own weapon; ask and you can use any gun we have in our collection.

Eastern Montana Outfitters has been an established Montana Outfitter for many years and has provided quality western fair chase hunting to our clients.

We work hard all year so you can enjoy your hunt. Specials for 2023 are available now for a variety of hunts. BOOKING FOR 2023 and 2024, PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY OF HUNTS. CALL (406) 941-2419 and let us guide you through the process as well as your next hunting adventure.

Eastern Montana Outfitters
Montana Outfitter License #11502
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